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Diner d'amour
- performance -

In the comedic performance 'Diner d'amour', Bonpardon immerses you in the story of an eccentric cupid during a summery picnic full of love, romance and humor. The game of love holds no secrets for this clumsy playboy. In search of his ultimate love partner, he does his utmost to organize an unforgettable picnic. A sublime serenade, heartwarming dances, a glass of champagne by candlelight... no seduction trick is unknown to him. But no matter how hard he tries, the execution never goes as planned.


With 'Diner d'amour', Bonpardon presents a clumsy, humorous and interactive performance filled with music and clowning. This show is also a continuation of the interactive walk act 'Fou d'amour', in which the same character embarks on a seduction tour.


Actor:Dieter Bussche

Technical sheet:

  • 2 x 25 minutes or 3 x 25 minutes

  • Performance space: minimum 25 m2 in a semi-circle (audience can sit or stand)

  • Powerful sound system for the use of 1 audio channel

  • Setup: 10 minutes

  • Breakdown: 10 minutes

  • Performance not possible during concerts, sound checks, etc.

  • Parking space for one van without height restrictions.

  • Copyrights and related costs are the responsibility of the organization.

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