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The Love and Peace Police
- interactive walk act -

  • Do your surroundings suffer from a lack of love?

  • Or could you simply use some extra love?

Discover the love powers of ‘The Love and Peace Police’!
These pink police men are ready to lighten up your events!
‘The Love and Peace Police’ is a mobile street theatre act in which we spread love in a creative and playful way!

On their loudly humming motorcycle with sidecar, the two crazy police officers drive through the streets. Assisted with a high-pitched siren, they commence their mission. The cupids of the police officers! Armed with hugs and kisses, love fines, stroking feathers, a love star, dances of temptation… they try to uphold peace and love in a playful and funny way.


  • Dieter Bussche

  • Hannes Bussche

Technical sheet:
-3 x 30 min or 2 x 45 min
-A course of at least 500 metres
-Performance not possible during concerts, sound checks, etc.

-Parking for one van with no height restriction.
-Copyright and related costs are the responsibility of the organisation.  

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