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l' Ambulance de la Chance

  • Do you ever suffer from stress?

  • Do you love the tranquility of ‘La Douce France’?

  • Or do you just fancy a ‘massage d’amour’

    Discover the healing therapy of our surprising walk act: l' Ambulance de la Chance  

    Our clownish nurses will treat your stress in a fun and effective way!


Already for decades the doctors of “l’ambulance de la chance” are thé medicine of “La Douce France”. They ensure that one can quietly and without stress grow old: Living the life like a wealthy don! Their therapy is successful. International fame is no longer an illusion for them! From now on, there are no longer boundaries for their quest for stress! With their dilapidated retro ambulance, stocked with attributes, they merrily drive around from event to event, guided by cheery tunes! Their mission: Detection and treatment of stress!

You’ve got an overload of stress? Don’t worry! You’ll be indulged in their playful and effective therapy! And who knows, maybe you’ll get the chance to taste their “médicament de vivre”, or a “massage d’amour”, maybe you’ll get instant surgery, or… One thing is certain: the word “stress” will disappear for once and for all from your dictionary.

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