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- Short continuous performances for children in a life-sized nest box -

Experience a unique visit to the largest flying bird in the world: 'The Lara Limosa Homo Luscinia Puffinus'.
Assisted by its caretakers, this extraordinary bird travels the world with its chicks. Seize the opportunity to meet these creatures in their gigantic nest box!


The production NEST offers continuous short performances for children and their parents. Every 3 to 4 minutes, a new group can come and witness this unique spectacle. A brief performance where nothing is as it seems and where the audience becomes a part of it.

An experience never to be forgotten!


Technical sheet:
-Performance space: 5 meters by 6 meters

-Size of nesting box: 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters

-Height of nesting box: 3 meters

-Power connection: 1 x 220 volts

-Paved and flat surface

-Ability to load and unload at the performance site.

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