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- Continuous performances for children-

Deep in the European forests, a new bird species was recently discovered: 'The Lara Limosa Homo Luscinia Puffinus'  
A bizarre specimen with quite a few human features. Half bird, half mammal and the largest flying creature in the world. An appearance that rocks the theory of evolution. 

This beast is currently traveling the world with its chicks, assisted by an ornithologist. Grab your chance to meet these wondrous creatur
es in their natural habitat. A unique experience your children will never forget!

Continuous performances of about two minutes each.

What can you expect? 

The NEST production offers continuous performances in a unique space: a life-size nesting box. In this space, the public can visit the uniqu
e and newly discovered avian: 'The Lara Limosa Homo Luscinia Puffinus'. 
At least this is what they are being warmed to by a bizarre ornithologist. Inside the nest box, a playful and challenging surprise awaits them. 

Seven children 
can simultaneously enjoy this short performance. Meanwhile, the waiting audience is drawn into the stories of the mysterious professor, who gets them excited about the unique experience NEST has to offer.


Technical sheet:
-Performance space: 5 meters by 6 meters

-Size of nesting box: 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters

-Height of nesting box: 3 meters

-Power connection: 1 x 220 volts

-Paved surface

-Ability to load and unload at the performance site.

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