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Fou d'amour
- interactive walk act -

Fou d'amour tells the story of an eccentric street clown for whom the game of love has no secrets. A playboy avant la lettre in the character of cupid. This amorous love angel will immerse you in the atmosphere of the twenties and will give you jitters in your stomach. Whether these jitters come from love or laughter, we leave up to you to experience first hand. 

With his retro scooter and accompanied by cheerful swing music, this clown cruises through your event. What follows is a rollercoaster of interactions and improvisation. Merry and cheerful street theater where no one is safe from the amorous actions of this bizarre cupid.The mobile part can be regularly alternated with short or longer circle acts (to be discussed).


Actor:Dieter Bussche

Technical sheet:
-3 x 30 min or 2 x 45 min
-A course of at least 500 metres
-Performance not possible during concerts, sound checks, etc.

-Parking for one van with no height restriction.
-Copyright and related costs are the responsibility of the organisation.  

Christmas special: Santa d'amour


'Santa d'amour' is the adapted Christmas version of 'Fou d'amour'. A mix between Santa Claus and a Christmas angel, but just like Fou d'amour, he's a playboy avant la lettre. This amorous Christmas father immerses you in a loving and cozy Christmas atmosphere, accompanied by cheerful Christmas music. A comedic Christmas act with a twist!

Here, too, you can expect a rollercoaster of amorous interactions and improvisation, all immersed in a magical Christmas ambiance.

Photos of Fou d'amour

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