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Corona proof straattheater

Since the spring of 2020 the world has changed. 
Social life looks different and so does the cultural, event and theater world. Yet even in these times it remains important to feel connected with each other, to have fun and to be able to laugh. 

That's why we have made all our performances corona proof!   We adhere to the general (local and non-local) measures and make sure that all interactions are within a well-respected distance and short in time. In doing so, we prevent too many people from gathering around us. 

In addition to the adapted performances, we also developed a thematic act, in which the audience is made aware of the applicable measures in a playful manner.

Thematic corona act

The Love and Peace CORONA police

For years, the pink officers of The Love and Peace Police have been known as the clownish cupids of street theater. They generously sprinkle love around like two genuine charmers. They are lord and master of seduction, but in a clownish way.

At the request of the security council, they stopped cuddling for a moment and now leave on corona patrol with their far too tiny moped that is sputtering to the beats of cheerful music.

With adapted fines, disinfectant sprays and playful interventions, these pink policemen set off to maintain security. A romantic inspection of the social distancing is what they’re after. This mobile act uses the power of humor to spread love into the air and will put a smile on your face! Social distancing has never been this much fun.

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